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Mathieu Maynadier

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Mathieu Maynadier, mountain guide, was born in the southern French Alps and what he loves most is travelling in order to climb, whether it is on rock or ice or in the high mountains.

Mathieu Maynadier climbing Mathieu Maynadier on mountain top Mathieu Maynadier climbing

As a member of the French National Ski Mountaineering Team, Mathieu was twice the French National Champion and won the 2nd place in the European Youth Championship. He stopped competing in ski alpinism races and consecrated his time more for alpine climbing and expeditions all over the world, like Europe, China, Baffin Island, Nepal, Peru, Pakistan, Alaska.

camp on a snowy mountain

He was nominated for the Piolet d’Or in 2010 for his first ascent on Lunag 2, Nepal.

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