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Said Belhaj

Said Belhaj autograph

Said was born 1981 in Göteborg, Sweden. Moroccan father, mother from Finland, 2 brothers.

climbing a steep mountain face cave in the mountains

Climbed since the beginning of the 90's. Professional climber since 2001. Part of the Swedish national team between 1995-2005. Won Swedish and Nordic titles, 4th at youth world cch. Travelled to over 40 countries on 6 continents for climbing. Climbed almost 1500 routes in the 8th grade, 8b+ on-sight and almost 10 routes graded 9a. Climbs in all disciplines: sport, trad, boulder, big-wall, comp and ice.

  climbing an incline Said Belhaj climbing
Apart from climbing he is also a musician playing mainly traditional instruments and music from Morocco and Mali.
Also a photographer, focusing mainly on black/white analog photography.

  Said Belhaj

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