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Simon Gietl

Simon Gietl autograph

In comparison with some of his colleagues Simon started quite late with climbing. Nevertheless, he became stronger very fast. He discovered the vertical world with only 18 years old. It’s for the first time that a sport attracts him with such intensity.

snowy mountain top ice-climbing

Carpenter from profession, Simon prefers alpine and ice climbing routes, mainly the ones that demand a lot from the body and the mind as well. Like Wolfgang Gullich said, the brain is the most important muscle in climbing, and Simon trains accordingly with mind and body trying to leave his traces on the alpine walls.

camp on an incline break in the mountains

First ascents in the Dolomites are on the top list of Simons program. He also enjoys climbing routes that have already been climbed, like the 17 hours Marathon in the north faces of Tre Cime, Matterhorn, Piz Badile and Eiger, all climbed in just six days.

climbing an icy incline Simon eating Lyofood products

Simon was awarded with the alpine price from AVS for his alpine performances in spring 2009. He received in 2010 the “Silla Ghedina Apollonio Meneardi” award. With 24 years old is Simon already a state recognized climbing and skiing guide.

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